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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whirlwind Day!

Well, Joe is all settled in at the rehab center! He got to ride in the "ambucab" while I drove behind in the van with all his stuff for his stay. He was really weak and tired once he finally got there, but they welcomed him with open arms there at Cherrelyn, getting him all settled, examining him, even doing a bit of physical therapy already. Lindsey met us over there and got his suitcase unpacked, etc. I think he is very glad to leave the hospital gowns behind (pun intended!) We have to grab the humor wherever we can get it, and speaking of humor, I had an interesting time getting the van loaded with Joe's belongings as we left. I had about five bags of things to take from the room, so they gave me a cart to take it to the car with. I don't know why I didn't think to leave the cart at the desk and go get my car first, but there I was traipsing across the street, bumping along as everyone stared. What I didn't realize was that my bag with mail in it was slowly leaking cards and letters and other assorted advertisements all over the street as I walked along. I got to pick cards out of bushes, the center of the street, etc. I was an interesting site. I think I must have sympathy stroke symptoms, considering the more than usual things I have forgotten and spaced this week. I don't even have a dissected artery or percocet to blame!

We will keep you updated on Joe's progress. It sure is a busy place there, lots of fellow patients and nurses and visitors buzzing around everywhere. I think Joe might need some earplugs to sleep! His new roommate is nice; his son is the director (or something like that) at Valor where Todd coaches basketball...he saw us putting Joe's Valor shirt away! It's a small world after all...

Thanks again for all the visits and cards and goodies and dinners and love. We are constantly amazed at the goodness of our friends. Tomorrow we'll post a picture of Joe in his new surroundings!

much love,


Erica said...

Your energy amazes me, Rebecca! You exhibit such strength and support...I admire you so much. We are praying for Joe's fast recovery and for the rest of your family. And even if you are having a few "sympathy stroke symptoms", you have good reason. Keep your good hopes high and we'll do the same!

JJ said...

Rebecaa, Lindsey, and Steph - thanks so much for all your posts! Your family amazes us. And we check the blog everyday for the latest report. Lots of love to you all!

JJ & Natalie