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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Current Pix

(NOTE, THE ABOVE IS NOT A MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY) I noticed I had already posted pix from Steph's graduation and thought I oughta post something more current. Here are some pix from our family reunion at Signal Mtn. in Grand Teton National Park. We've been going there off and on for something like 35 years. These are pix Brandon our son-in-law took and they are maaaaaaavelously pretty! (Well, the first is a pic of all the Moss siblings...I wouldn't call us ALL pretty...ha)

This is the whole gang ALL TOGETHER! (Well except Brian, and he is with us always as we know).

Mt. Moran and it's signature glacier. I love this mountain...happy memories under it, while it stands tall and majestic above...that glassy lake is what many of us swam across ...about a mile I think (not me..too cold and I'm a wimp). But I rowed in my little blowup raft like a real champ! (I was on lifeguard duty)

The OTHER Tetons...that's the Grand on the left. Can you believe how beautiful it is there?

Even in a sudden storm...wow.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello again!

Can you believe it? Rebecca is finally writing in the blog again! We haven't been writing for awhile...been busy yet not too much has changed with Joe's condition. But I miss it, and wanted to share some of the neat pix and such from this summer plus catch up a bit. First, Joe is continuing to progress through his "stroke journey"...it's hard to know daily if he's improved but when we think back to how he was at Christmas, even during all the winter, he has made amazing progress! He still gets VERY TIRED, easily, and his eye bothers him, yet the eye doc says to be patient, so we are trying! Meanwhile, he is home doing great "househusband" things at home, and I have to say I am enjoying it, and I feel spoiled. He has always liked to do laundry and vacuum, as all of you know, but he has also organized some things, done some yard work, kept up on some cleaning, etc. We sure appreciate everyone's kind words and encouragement and love!

Meanwhile, here are a few pix from our doing this summer:

Steph and I on her graduation day from BYU!

All the fam is proud of Steph!

Lindsey, Mike and Britt after the Bolder Boulder!

Back to Steph's graduation, playing at the Penny Arcade with Sis Angie and Fam in Provo!

Girls' Trip to Vegas in June!
That's all for now...I'll add more later! Love to all!!!