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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brian's 21st Birthday

Brian's Cake...Reese's Cup Blizzard

We decided to do something a little different for the milestone that was Brian's 21st birthday, last Friday, April 3. We usually invite anyone who is in town to Fazoli's (one of Brian's favorite eateries) and we have pizza and cake and set off balloons in his honor. This year, as Steph and Brandon live across the mountains in Utah, we decided to meet somewhere in the middle and spend the birthday together. Joe isn't in much shape to travel very far quite yet, but we have had a little spring fever, plus we haven't seen Steph or Brandon in so long, that we thought it was a fine idea to meet not too far away, in Glenwood Springs. It turned out to be pretty fitting because right away when we got there we drove by the baseball diamond where Brian played in a tournament with the Rattlers (or was it Yard Teal?) so it was a nice little trip down memory lane for me. In fact, our plan was to let off the 21 balloons we filled with helium at that field, but it turned out to be pretty snowy, so we let them off at the delightful Hampton Inn & Suites parking lot, after everyone recalling a happy memory of sweet Brian.

I got to blow out the candles...

We almost thought we wouldn't be able to make it Friday because of an impending blizzard; in fact, we turned around to come home when the highway signs said that I-70 was closed past Georgetown. We came home, saw that it had opened up, and decided to go anyway, especially since Mike was driving and we trust his driving skills. What do you know, it wasn't that bad at all...just a bit snowy and slushy and low visibility through Eisenhower, Frisco, Copper, etc.

Steph and Brandon had quite a bit farther to drive, but clear roads all the way, so we met about the same time and had a super fun time going to dinner, playing games *(yahtzee is pretty fun we found out), and sitting in the warm mineral pool most all day Saturday. We watched the final four on tv, had ice cream cake, watched a little of conference on our computer, ate free breakfasts, and in general talked and laughed lots and lots. It was good to be together! Sorry to all those who usually take time out with us to go to Fazoli's....hopefully we will go back to that next year. It's hard to believe Brian would be 21. It's hard to believe he's been gone 6 years. It's hard to believe we've survived this tragedy for this long. It isn't hard to believe that we have done it because of the love we have for each other as a family, the love all our friends and family have shown to us, and because we know we will be together with him again someday.

Here are some assorted pix of our weekend. Steph has more on her camera (of course) so I'll tell her to add some if she can. Thanks all who read this! Joe's progress continues to be slow but sure. I am still very worried about his eye and his vision. Also I worry that he is constantly tired, and especially tired after he tries to do very much. He has his doctor appointment this week so we'll let you know the results of his MRI and all that he says. We remind ourselves that it has only been four and a half months. But the future is so uncertain that it is hard not to worry. I guess we'll just pray....

Going in to the hot springs.The girls freezing with their tiny towels.The "therapy" pool at a comfortable 104 degrees!Hanging out at the hot springs!Mike and BritAt dinner with the whole familyHanging out in the hotel hot tub!Innocent little Joe and the water!
Getting ready to set off the balloons

Happy 21st Birthday Brian...you're always in our hearts...