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Sunday, December 14, 2008


My mom asked ME to post the blog for today so I apologize now if my grammar isn't perfect. WOW-- it has been a HARD couple of days. We felt like we were making so much progress and that the pain was finally under our control.... we should have known. Now he's having a lot of pain in his stomach, and Dad says it is an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale!!!! That's 3 points more than the headache was ever rated!! How devastating for my dad and for us. It was so hard watching him come home in so much pain. I am not sure if he was able to even see how beautiful we tried to make the house for his "home visit". Unfortunately it has been another "bump" in our road to recovery but as we all know we need to still keep fighting and have faith that this will get better.

However, from another perspective, things are starting to look better. My dad's headache is a little better today than it has been for the last two days. He wants to come home so badly and I am positive we can treat this pain at home. So, tomorrow we will start planning for his discharge! Hopefully this process will be short and painless, and he can be comfortable at home to continue his recovery. We are praying that he will be able to come home on Monday or Tuesday. A lot of details still need to be worked out but at least we are in the process.

Today my dad had the Larson Family visit!!! They are such sweet and kind people and wonderful friends to each and every member of our family.

My mom took this picture with her phone so it's a little blurry!!! Again, we can not begin to thank everyone for the prayers, thoughts, cards and visits. My dad's counters are filled with cute cards and well wishes, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dad put his pirate patch back on today to help his right eye focus a little better. Here is another picture:

That's really all for today, but hopefully he'll be home soon, and we might even be able to write a little note from him once he gets settled in. Thank you again for everything.


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