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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just a quick update on Joe and to say hello. I love that so many people still read this! It means so much and I can't tell you HOW MUCH. Couldn't even begin.

Joe's MRI/MRA has to be redone. They didn't go down far enough to get all the cerebellum. Hm. He goes in next week again, and then we'll see if there has been any change. Joe is steadily doing better. He walks around the house ok without his cane. But he looks kinda funny, kind of like a toddler, a nice wide stance so he won't lose his balance. He had the last of his physical therapy appointments last week, and Meagan (his therapist) was so sweet and she would be proud of him to see him continuing his exercises every day. He even went to the "therapy pool" at the Ridge (thanks for the suggestion Dawn) yesterday. He did doggy paddles and "pool jogging" for 45 minutes while Britt swam laps....a daddy/daughter date!

The 28th is here in no time. Thanks to so many for your kind words and prayers and thoughts. We can't believe it has been six years. I didn't think I would survive one. It has been easier because of your love and comfort and prayers. And because we know we will see him again. And because of His loving comfort. This is a tough life and we have seen many of our loved ones also have to deal with sadness. Wish we could take it away. We WILL be at the "crash site" with the luminaries on the night of the 28th if you would like to join us. No pressure. I'll talk to the Heykoops and McLeods, but I'm thinking around 5:00 p.m. Or just drive by and see the beautiful remembrance.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I thought I ought to update the blog and say hello. Today was Parent Teacher Conferences at Chatfield and it was great to see so many people that we love. We love the teachers, the administration, and all the friends we get to talk to while we wait in line to get our turn. Joe was excited to go with me because he loves to hear all the great comments we get about our sweet Brittney and he loves to see all the people in our neighborhood that we have come to love so much over the years. So many commented on how well he looked and how much easier he seems to be getting around with his cane. He is getting quite fast now. He still gets dizzy but he has the whole cane thing mastered I think. He has a constant "wink" it seems as he blinks so much to keep his weak eye focused. I still worry so much that his eye won't go back to normal, but the doc says to be patient. When I think of where he was just a few weeks ago, I guess I have to be very thankful about his progress. Getting back to 100% will take a long time, but at least he is making so many noticeable improvements. He goes for his MRI on Friday so we'll see how that goes...

Meanwhile, we have been keeping pretty busy -- I have been busy at work, plus we've had a few social events to keep Joe busy. The Chatfield basketball boys came for their annual sloppy joe's last week. We just love the boys and coaches and parents. High class group of people ...they have all been so supportive to us and we can't thank them enough, ever.

The seminary kids came for breakfast today, as the Larsens left to take Kenneth to the MTC today (we will miss you Kenneth but we know you'll be an amaaazing missionary). Joe made a zillions waffles while I cooked up four dozen scrambled eggs, and 3 pounds of bacon and sausage. I dunno how Eileen does it every week...whoosh! But I'll tell ya, it sure was a fun way to spend the 6:00 to 7:45 hours of the morning! These are great kids!

So, that's it...it has been an amaaaaaazing journey as we watch Joe slowly but surely make improvements, as we think of all the people who have been so good to us and shown us so much love, and as we thank God that we have so much to be thankful for still. Here comes February 28 around the corner. February holds all those "last" memories and it is always difficult to get through, but we will with the help of so many. Don't forget there will be luminaries on that night...as always.....to remember our sweet loved ones. Ya'll are invited of course...six years....and they are always missed and always remembered....every single day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I haven't written for awhile, and thought I'd catch up. It has been quite an eventful week or so. My parents came out on Monday the 26th and we've had a whirlwind of a time. Mom and Dad wanted to go to San Diego, and as we sometimes like to meet them down there in our favorite beach city, they invited us. But Joe is in no condition for an airplane ride (much less the ride to the airport, ha) and so they decided to come here instead. True to form, my mom decided she would help out around the house and with Joe while they were here, so she immediately set out to clean our fridge, and even got dad in on it. There were bottles of stuff all over the kitchen counters, things I should have gone through a long long time ago (embarrassing to tell of my lack of throw away ability I know), but now when I open my fridge it is like a brand new attitude on life, it is so clean and shiny and lacking in moldy leftovers! We went to stay at the Embassy Suites in Englewood the first night they got here, using some of Joe's Hilton points, to give Joe something fun to do (he looooovvvves the breakfasts there), and we had a great time going out to eat, sitting in the hot tub, and watching a movie on the pay per view.

Joe has steadily gotten faster with his cane this week, and it is very encouraging. His amitryptaline seems to be starting to work, although he still gets EXTREMELY fatigued and some headaches do crop up unexpectedly. The double vision is still a big concern as it seems to be the same as ever. He seems to be always a little bit "dizzy" but he is trying valiantly to get used to it. And his attitude has greatly improved and we are proud of him!!!