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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


What a monumental day! I got to Cherrelyn about 1:00 p.m., the appointed time, but Joe had been packed and ready to go since about 7:00 a.m. I don't know how he did it. I think he had the nurses wrapped around his little finger getting all his clothes and personal items put into bags. When I walked in they were sitting on the chair and he was ready to go!!! The nurse gave me a quick rundown of the meds and I got instructions about home health care, and after about two loads to the car, we were ready to go! Joe was walking plenty fast with his walker...faster than I'd ever seen or expected to see...in a hurry to get home! We got all situated in the car and we just had to sit there in a moment of silence to celebrate.

The ride home made him nice and sick, of course. He sat on the couch with his eyes closed trying to stop "swimming" but that was okay because I had to get all the stuff from the car. Then the phone started ringing. First, it was Kaiser's "anti-coag" unit giving me a full rundown of the wayfarin, blood thinner. Then, Kaiser's regular pharmacy took up another hour or two, going down the looooong list of other meds, having to call me back because things weren't quite clear, etc. I had to write it all down twice just to get it straight...I think I'll have to have Lindsey make me a chart! I am going to have to be a good nurse, I can see. I had to sign my life away to get the oxycondin at the pharmacy. Good thing I won't be out pedaling it on the streets.....

It IS daunting to think of all these things he has to take and do to get better. A lab tech comes to the house each day to test his blood, and then they call me before his evening dose to tell me if I need to change the blood thinner or not. Whew. The home health care is going to come to the house because of the car-dizziness-nausea problem, so I have to set that up. Also, lots of doctor appointments. I asked the Kaiser pharmacy rep, just in passing, if there would ever be a time when Joe could go back to taking regular old ibuprofin for his headache, and I got a 20 minute lecture about the dangers of that! Ok...got it!

Well, I am pooped. Speaking of poop, we're doing better on that too. We will keep a careful watch over that situation for sure.

love to you all...thanks one and all for taking such good care of us. Thanks for reading this. We are so touched that so many are taking time out of their busy day to check on us.

p.s. picture of joe tomorrow coming into the house! picture of joe tomorrow sitting on his own bed!


Richard GermanChocolate said...

Way to go, mein bruder!!!!! Home again. So great to get out of that conval-rehab facility (can the physical therapy continue at home?), now you can get some privacy and peace in your own space. Hope the vacuuming was done to your high criteria. Now the meals ... hope the ward keeps helping -- you'll have to eat a lot of Mormon lasagna (did you get any jello with shredded carrots?)
So eat your vegetables and get healthy, mein bruder! The Los Angeles temple is praying for you, and so are we. Lots and lots of prayers.
love, R

Sandie said...

Way to Go Joe!!!! Loren and I are so happy you are home. I know it will be easier in so many ways to have you home instead of a facility. Rebecca you are doing a remarkable job in keeping track of all that you have to now. You two are so remarkable, you give us strength and courage!!! Hang in there, we love you. Loren and Sandie

Karin said...

Yeah! WooHoo! Yippee! (happy dance) What a great accomplishment! We are so happy that Joe is now home! Rebecca, you are an amazing woman! Keep up the good work. And when you get overwhelmed, please call someone! We Love you and are in our prayers!
Love The Mikawa Family!

bear said...

What great news. Remember that we're available to assist, just holler. Prayers are still flowing your way from Elizabeth. bearhugs

George said...

Joe - OUTSTANDING NEWS!!! So glad you're home and starting the next phase of your therapy.

I'm hoping and praying for your continued good progress and success.

George Velenovsky

Elly said...

Hooray!!!! What wonderful news! Joe, we're so glad you're home...what a relief that must be! We love you all tons and tons! Our prayers are with you.

Danielle Prince (Mingo) said...

Way to go Joe!!! Your family has been in our prayers and we are so happy for you! Please let us know if there is anything we (sharon, Norm, Jared&Danielle) can do for you or your family. Because of little Morgan's arrival I have the next 4 weeks off, and can do anything for you that you need.

sally bennett said...

Congratulations - HOME is a great place to be. Still have your names in the temple -- all of you. We love you and will brings treats over when Ty and Sarah come.
Love to all -- see you soon, Sally Bennett