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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, I think Joe is getting used to things there at lovely Cherrelyn. It is still quite discouraging, though. He is a little disoriented, too, but is trying his best. He did get through both of his therapies today and seemed to push himself his hardest. He's down to eat his meals now, and seems to be getting a little bit of an appetite. He is learning that he has to ask for and keep on top of his pain meds, and getting his shower, etc. He had several visitors, and that seems to cheer him up, and gives him a chance to "recap". It seems like a slow process, but I DO look at just a week ago and I'm amazed at how far he's progressed.

I got all the bills paid and mailed this morning! I can do this! I used to do the bills years ago but I'd always call Joe during the process to complain about how much we were spending, so he took it over for quite a lot of years now. I've noticed the house doesn't look qute as nicely vacuumed lately...actually not at ALL vacuumed this week. Better get on that tomorrow!

Here's a big happening today....Brittney and I went to the DMV to get her learner's permit! This was as big a deal for me as it was for her! It is monumental. But sad in two ways....one, Joe couldn't be there to sign the form to be a driving coach, and two, it was a reality check reminding me about the driver's license Brian never got to have...as we left I saw that they still have the pamphlet there with Brian's picture in it. Whoa...

But it was also a good reality check. Joe will be ok. It will be some work, but how grateful are we that he will be able to heal, that nothing worse happened. We know about something worse...

love to you all,

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Steph said...

I vacuumed when I was there Mom! I did it on Saturday! So technically that was less than a week ago! I tried to help:)

But i know I didn't do it as good as Dad does.. sorry.