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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well so much for that...

Just a quick entry tonight because it's so late! I didn't want to write anything in here yesterday because it was all so discouraging. Joe was so excited for the "home visit" but when I got there to get him he had a horrible stomach ache. He didn't want to put it off because that meant also putting off the day he could come home, but by the time we arrived home with the therapist, Joe wasn't just nauseated from the ride but also writhing in pain in his stomach. They had given him different medicine dosage; his roommate had gotten sick and he wondered if he was getting it; he wondered if he'd eaten something that made him sick...all sorts of things were in question. He was so miserable he couldn't even look around the house and see all the Christmas decorations his kids had so lovingly put up and the signs saying "welcome home dad" and "you can do it" that Lindsey had made. Then, when we got back to Cherrelyn, it was worse than ever. He could only moan in pain. They ordered an x-ray of his stomach, which took four hours for them to do because the technicians have to be brought in. Then the results took another four hours. At 10:30 p.m. we learned it was a simple but horrible case of constipation brought on by that dang percocet again (he'll shoot me when he sees I put this in here, but we ALL have dealt with it at one time or another haven't we?). They had given him all sorts of things to help with it, but it had only served to make him "writhe" in pain. It made us all so sad and worried.

Today isn't much better...he's still in MUCH pain. He hasn't eaten a thing since Friday morning (and he's already lost so very much weight); can't hardly move at all. They say he should feel better by tomorrow and we can only hope and pray they are right. There is no going home tomorrow though. Hopefully Monday; Tuesday at the latest. He wants to be home sooooooooo much. We want him to come home soooooooo much. I have a picture to post of him walking into the house with his walker, but I'll save it for later when we are in a less discouraged state.

Meanwhile, though, the bright spot is how many continue to call and send cards and write on here and go visit him, and bring us meals and so many many things to show love. We don't deserve it but we sure do love it. We love all of you who read this .... thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Reed said...

We can hardly imagine the pain and distress that Joe is going through. We feel for him, wish it would hurry up and get better for him. He needs a couple of good painfree days to simply concentrate on re-learning whatever he has to re-learn to overcome the effects of the stroke. Tell him we are thinking of him all the time; have him constantly in our prayers and thoughts and yearn for his peace of mind and freedom from pain. Tell him we are all behind him and pulling for him in every way we possibly can. If our thoughts could heal, they would flow through him with a powerful healing. This and Brian's loss are the toughest challenges you could possibly face, and we grieve and mourn with you at least vicariously. Hang in there Joe. There are brighter days ahead. We promise. We admire your and Rebecca's grit (plus that of the kids and sons-in-law) and know it will pull you through. It is nice to know that you have two dandy sons-in-law who will be of any and all help when needed; and who could ask for better chillun than LSB! Things are gonna turn out all right. Love you all BIG TIME Dad and Mom Moss

Janell said...

Thinking about Joe and wishing him a speedy recovery!

Wanted to add that Brittney did a BEAUTIFUL job singing the National Anthem (by herself!!) at the basketball game Friday night!

Hugs and prayers to your whole family.