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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not so great first day

Ok, I will try to find humor in this, and help Joe to do so also. First, the therapists and nurses are great at Cherrelyn, but no one has better appreciation for the plight of the older generation than Joe Ellsworth right now! He got a total of one hour of sleep his first night...between the breathing machine of his nice but ailing roommate, some snoring, and other assorted mishaps with body functions, Joe just ended up watching the clock tick by all night, and was thoroughly miserable by morning~~! When I got there, he had just finished doing "OC"...occupational therapy, after being wheeled down to eat his breakfast, and he did okay with the "hand wheel" thing and writing his name several times. Right after getting back from that, and after bumping his head on the bathroom wall (still leaning to his right in all he does), the therapist showed up for his physical therapy ("PT"). He was so tired and grouchy, he said "no way". I got there not long after that and he was trying to sleep. He told me he was worried he alienated his therapist already and could I go find her and tell her he was sorry. He really does want to get better, but is finding that his constant aching head and lack of equilibrium is hampering his style considerably!

SOOOO, the first day started out just grand. But to the rescue came Diane Wilcox, my sweet friend and visiting teacher, with a special white noise machine, and EVEN several CD's of books that Joe can listen to. He has brightened up already. THANK YOU DIANE! I spent a couple of hours there last night going over bills and mail. I have taken for granted that Joe has handled that responsiblity over the last quite-a-few years, and besides things like laundry and loading the dishwasher and vacuuming, I am having a rude awakening. I miss my hubby at home! I will not take him for granted, no siree, after this experience.

I am doing okay, though, thanks to amazing meal fairies showing up at my door every night to feed Brittney and I. Thank You! I really didn't think we needed that, but it is SOSOSOSOSO nice not to have one more thing to worry about.

Today I will try to remember to take a picture of Joe in his new surroundings. He is getting quite scraggly with his semi-beard. He is wearing it as his "badge of courage" or something like that...whatever...he won't let me bring in his electric razor just yet.

love to all,

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