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Monday, December 1, 2008


This is Rebecca again. Today had a lot going on...a big day for Joe. He's still having quite annoying headaches and weakness, but even so, he will be transferred to the skilled nursing facility, Cherellyn, tomorrow! We got the only bed available on the only day of the week available, and this rehab place (actually a nursing home with a rehab floor, oh well!) is quite close so it will be easy to get over there everyday. It's in Littleton, on Elati, just off Littleton Blvd. four blocks before Broadway (yes he can have visitors!!) We are not sure how long he will need to be at Cherellyn, but hopefully his rehab will go quickly...

Steph and Brandon and Jeff left today after stopping for a nice long visit. Joe had just showered and said it felt great to be all clean (the simple joys of life we take for granted, huh?) and he ate some and even enjoyed these yummy cinnamon rolls that Joan Johnson brought by. (I ate one too, couldn't help it. :) ) Joe's headache is still constant but they hadn't put him back on the decadron (sp?) steroid yet so maybe that's why. He seems to get a little relief and then it comes back again and it worries me. They say this is normal though, so I will be patient (maybe).

Lindsey was so cute today...she went home after we all visited this morning and made cookies for the floor nurses and also the nurses in the CCU...how nice was that??? They all have done a marvelous job. She also made Dad a Stouffer's Lasagna and brought it in hot along with the cookies and an egg nog shake, of course. Great way to commemorate his last full day in the hospital. Thank you Lindsey! THEN, he took a walk down the hall...aided of course by the nurses. (See picture...isn't he cute?) He got so tired and was leaning and having a tough time at the end, so Lindsey had to help him eat his lunch. I think his daughter(s) love to take care of him! Coach Schimpler stopped by today also; and we read him lots of cards from loved ones. Britt and I didn't go back later tonight because he said he was tired...go figure! He talks kind of husky, like Clint Eastwood maybe, from his dry throat brought on by the oxygen. He sounds a little sexy; but it's hard to understand him, oh well!
Again, can't say how much everyone's love and support means to us. I think the prayers are working! Tomorrow they transfer him, probably by ambulance or ambucab, and Lindsey and I are packing his bag with all his "comfy clothes" right now! Wish us luck!
With love like you wouldn't believe,


Sandie said...

Rebecca and Joe,

Loren and I would like you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you for taking the time to update everyone via this blog. Thanks to your girls for setting it up! Of course my first thought was to call you, but then I knew that was a bad idea. Just know we are thinking of you often.

Love you all,

Loren and Sandie Ramos

Elly said...

Wow ... this is such great news! Way to go, Joe! We love you all and are so grateful for answers to prayers!!!!