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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Discouragement with a capital "D"

I don't think I'll write much today since we are all so discouraged and we don't want to sound depressing. Joe is pretty much miserable. The biggest thing is, and maybe someone out there reading this has an answer for us, is that his head hurts so unbelievably bad, He never seems to get much relief. The oxycoton (sp?) and percocet are darn strong painkillers and ought to be doing the job, but they are not. His brow is constantly "knit" in pain. When we ask the doctors, nurses, anyone, why they don't seem to help, they just say "unfortunately this is the nature of this kind of head injury." SO, now when he is trying his best to work on the PT, OT, he gets so worn out after a short period of time that he just sits in his bed for hours after trying to recover. It seems like its a ratio of 20 minutes work to 5 hours pain. Is this the way it's got to be? Isn't there anything that can give him some relief? Physically, I think he could get the therapy going just fine, it's just the pain that wears him out. I'm so confused and I feel so terrible for him. He's the kind of guy that used to take one ibuprofin for the rare headache and be fine for the week. He can't take anything with ibuprofin in it as it will mess with his blood thinners I guess. And I think he worries a bit too that these strong pain killers are messing up his system and can become habit forming.

Well, like I said, discouraging blog entry today. I did take a cute picture or two of Joe in his Valor shirt. Next will be the Chatfield shirt. I'll get those loaded on here asap. MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU for all your support, even taking the time to read my rantings on here. This is my therapy I guess. Lindsey our sweet nurse daughter will get on the doctors today and see what can be done.


Kris said...

I am so sorry to hear of Joe's continuing struggle with pain. Hopefully he will be getting some relief soon! I will fast for him tomorrow and continue to add my prayers to the many on his behalf. Hang in there.
Lots of love,

Richard GermanChocolate said...

Mein Bruder:
Sounds like the pain is terrible! There have been some excellent results with hypnosis. I am looking for a doctor in your area who could use hypnosis to help your headache. In the meantime, remember that deep full breaths (and holding a full deep breath for a few seconds) will trigger the relaxing function of your nervous system -- this is a simple way to get at least some relief. And don't worry about becoming addicted to pain meds, that's a minor problem in light of what you're dealing with. Mein bruder mein bruder ich liebe dich and I would trade places with you if I could. love, R

Anonymous said...

Joe and Rebecca,

We got your Christmas card and was sad to hear about Joe's stroke and the trials it is putting you through. We can empathize with you somewhat with Lexi's experience with cancer (coming up on two years survival), my recent job loss (2 month ago) and a couple minor strokes of my own (the day after I was laid off).

My strokes effected only my vision. I was getting out the car Saturday morning to play my usual round of basketball and I suddenly felt strange and I experienced a kind of tunnel vision. So I dropped to one knee because I thought I might pass out, but didn't so after a minute I stood up and went into the church thinking maybe it would clear up. It was kind of like a migraine with a dull headache. To make a longer story short, a week later I was in the hospital for 3 days, after they read a CAT scan, while they ran every test they could think of including the camera down the esophagus to look at the back of my heart. They couldn't find a cause in any of the tests and I didn't have high blood pressure or cholesterol or any of the other stroke factors. After priesthood blessings, both which said I would fully recover– contrary to what the doctors are saying, the effects of the second stoke are gone and I know that in time my brain will either compensate for the effects of the other stroke or it will be healed.

I enjoyed reading all the blogs and getting a taste of the personalities of your daughters. They are really sweet. We will keep you in our prayers of course and we also send our love and concern.

Steve Sharp