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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here I thought I was ALL THAT paying all the bills so smoothly, quickly, and well. Today my gap credit card declined. No! Not at my own store! Oh the embarrassment; oh the shame! I wondered what this was all about but, no biggy, I just called them once I got home. After a series of "push no. 1 for this and no. 2 for that," and getting disconnected twice, I found out it was declined because someone did not pay the bill! That would be me! The buck stops here! I so carefully paid each and every bill in my possession! Oh wait, I never did see the gap one, and I'd even asked Joe about it and he thought he'd already paid it. NOT SO. After a big long search through Joe's closet I found the bill tucked into a corner of his shelf, completely out of sight. Joe swears he did not put it there. I swear I didn't either. Whatever happened, now it's taken care of and I have learned that I am NOT "all that"!

Now for Joe. He is definitely doing better. Still tired and headachy, but I think they are controling it a bit better without the percocet. He really wants to come home and I hope he can soon! He'll still have lots and lots of therapy to do but we will be able to do that here I believe. We'll know after the home visit on Friday. I have been absolutely amazed as I watch Joe have to "tell" his brain to do things, and then wait for it to respond. It is a crazy process. I feel like I'm taking Stroke 101. I know Joe is taking the crash course.

Love to you all! Britt and I have a highlight to our day. Angels that drop off most delicious food! Thanks so much! And thanks for the prayers!


Richard GermanChocolate said...

"Yes, students and interns, here we see a prime example of how stress does indeed affect memory function ..." (very good example, Rebecca, especially that there was a "gap" in your memory!)
But it is such good news that the headaches are not as bad now.
Please, someone in Littleton go to www.lds.org and print President Monson's addresses in the November 1980 Ensign "The Bishop—Center Stage in Welfare" and in the May 1986 Ensign "A Provident Plan—A Precious Promise" and read them out loud to the wonderful German missionary we all love so dearly, pirate-patch included. I would do it, but I'm far away in California. These are mein bruder's favorites and he will love hearing them.
with love, R

Rebecca aka brian's mom said...

Hey I think it was Joe who forgot about the bill....after all, who can trust a mind on percocet???

Rebecca aka brian's mom said...

Hey I think it was Joe who forgot about the bill....after all, who can trust a mind on percocet???

Mom said...

I think you are doing a great job on the bills...you still have electricity! I hope and pray that Joe is coming home before Christmas. The sooner the better!

Emily said...

We love this blog. I check every other day or so, as often as I can check my email. It's wonderful to be kept up on all the details. Thank you Rebecca for writing when it's late and you are tired. We pray for Joe daily (and for you and the girls). Can't wait to hear that he is home!
Love, Emma

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe, Rebecca and family,

We are some of you many (I'm sure) silent cheer leaders who read this AMAZING blog every day or too, and pray for all of you. We love you all, even though we don't see you all often enough. You are ALL an inspiration to us... and please know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers are ALWAYS with all of you...Joe, Rebecca, Lindsey, Stepahnie and Brittany. Wioth all our love and prayers... Murray Lynnette, Ashley & Courtney McCaig