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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend with the Family!

Hello everyone.. it is Steph here. I am back in town! We finished up our last finals Friday morning and drove straight over arriving around 8 pm. Therefore, I was asked to update the blog for this weekend to let everyone know how my Dad is doing. We were assigned to many chores and errands around the house and around the town. We are trying to take over for my Mom. Between her work, primary obligations, cleaning the house, taking care of my Dad, and Christmas shopping.. she has kind of lost track! So Brandon, Linds and I are at her rescue!

Dad has set himself some goals and has been doing a great job achieving them. He has also had some cravings lately. He usually isn't hungry or feeling well enough to eat, so whenever he says he wants something, we jump on it! Yesterday he had a meatball sub from Subway for lunch, and Little Caesar's Pizza and crazybread for dinner!

So Saturday night was the 4 week mark. My Dad went into the hospital 4 weeks ago last night. We are very blessed to think of how much progress he has made in such a short time frame. He is still in tons of pain but we know the prayers are working. So thank you.

Dad is still taking TONS of medication. He has to take about 8 pills 3 times a day! He went to his regular doctor on Saturday and was given a new medicine to add to the list. It is supposed to help with his pain as well as help him sleep. He finally slept Saturday for the majority of the night. This is the first time! The medicine makes him really "loopy" as he describes it, but we have high hopes for it.

I took my Dad to the bank on Saturday and it really wiped him out! He has also been really helpful with cleaning the house and has even vacuumed and cleaned the carpet. He can't live without those perfect lines! This morning Dad accomplished a goal. He went to Sacrament meeting! He had a hard time looking up at the podium and standing up, but he really wanted to see the Christmas program.

The church choir went caroling tonight and decided to make our home their first visit. My Dad was so excited about this! We made hot chocolate and cookies for everyone (sorry if it was too hot!) and enjoyed their beautiful singing. They sang "I'll Be Home For Christmas," specially for Dad. And of course it brought tears to his eyes. This was one of his biggest goals to be home for Christmas. And he is so happy to be home.

I believe he was so sad and down while he was in the nursing home... and I can already see a huge difference in his spirit. Since I was not here the past 2 weeks, I have only been able to talk to him on the phone. And he has sounded so sad. But I can actually see a light in his eyes now!

We are really busy trying to get together our Christmas cards but it is taking us a little while! So just know they are coming :)

Here is Dad getting into the car to come home!

Dad walking in to the house with the therapist.

Dad sitting on his bed. This is his regular spot during the day. And he is sporting his Chatfield shirt!
Everyone at Sunday lunch. Some of the Persson's got to join us!

The church choir singing to Dad.

He was so happy!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Joe!!!! I would like you and your family to know how much I appreciate the blog, it is great to be able to keep in touch without calling and interrupting your schedule or theirs. You are still at the top of the Ermak family prayer list and have been included in the prayer chain at my Stepmom's church back East, you can never have too many prayers I say. We have two years of familiarity with coumadin/wayfarin levels going up and then down--Amy will be on it for the rest of her life because of the aorta valve replacement she had. We throw a party when it stays consistently in range. Glad to hear you can still vacuum straight lines, to me that is quite an accomplishment--that is not one of my strengths. Have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by your loved ones, our positive thoughts and prayers heading your way!!! Bliss

Elly said...

Dear Ellsworths,
Let us add our appreciation for the blog as well, you are in our prayers and thoughts more often than we want to bother you, so the blog is terrific. What a wonderful Christmas gift to have Joe home ... isn't it crazy how fast everything changes and the things you used to take for granted now become blessings for which we have profound gratitude! We have learned so much from you during this experience ... Merry Christmas!

Rebecca said...

I never thought Joe and my dad looked alike at all, but now that my dad's gotten all skinny I can see a resemblance in these pictures! Honestly, he's looking GREAT. I'm sending you all good thoughts!

-The Other Rebecca Ellsworth

Rebecca aka brian's mom said...

Hey other Rebecca Ellsworth! I appreciate your comment...glad to hear from you! I'm glad you think Joe looks great...he did shave off that hairy face thing the other day..I hear your dad is skinny minnie...email me a pic k?