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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Better Brighter Day

Okay, I'm nuts to post a picture of the both of us looking so old, but I wanted you to see us with smiles on our faces....yes smiles!!
Well, there's still a blinding headache; there's still tiredness and weakness, but what has changed today is that we have renewed hope and courage, much due to the many prayers and other powerful gifts that have been offered on Joe's behalf. Today Britt and I got to Cherrelyn after we changed from church, but we were beaten there by Doug Hulme and Bob Gilligan. Then the Wilcox's and Jensens were there with the sacrament (Aaron's very first time to bless it and how honored are we that it was for Joe!!) and also Reed and Chris gave a special priesthood blessing to Joe, and then even Britt and I. We ALL needed that powerful boost, and I just cried as I realized that I CAN get strength to be a support to Joe like I should be, and I CAN have the faith that he will get better, and I CAN feel that love from my Heavenly Father that I know is there and never ever leaves. The Antonio's, Laura and Brooke, arrived just in time with Christmas sugar cookies, and it was almost a celebration. Lindsey got there just after they left, and she and I had a chat with the nurse to try to understand what it is about his medicine that is not doing the trick. We have a call in to the doctor, and we ARE getting this figured out!!! Or Else! Joe's brother-in-law Duane has had years of experience with headaches due to the anti-rejection drugs he is required to take after his heart transplant. He and his wife Christina called and I was finally able to connect with them tonight and they gave me great insight. Also Joe's brother Richard had a great comment on here. It's amazing what my cry for help has done!

Lindsey got her dad to wheel himself to dinner, and stayed with him for quite awhile before she had to go to her night shift at the hospital. She is such a caring, loving support...no wonder she is such a great nurse.

So, how do you like that scruffy face? Joe actually called this morning and said, "Bring my razor!" This is a good sign!
Thanks again for all your prayers, your friendship, your goodness!!! SOOOOOOOSOSOSOSOSO many people are loving us...how can we be discouraged with that, huh!!!???
love, Rebecca


Steph said...

I love you Mom. You are doing such a good job with the blog. I am very proud of you! I am glad Linds is still there to help you and Dad out. I still wish I was. We will be there soon tho...

Sandie said...

Rebecca and Joe,

I so enjoying reading your blog. I have to say it is good to see Joe looking so good, even with his scruffy face. Its nice to know that he's improving; even if the headaches are not.

You are in our prayers daily dear friends. Loren and I send you our love!

Richard GermanChocolate said...

News update: I am hot on the trail -- have already found one hypnosis/pain doctor in Denver and am hoping to find one in Littleton. But lighten up with the "scruffy face" comments; beards are very cool. At least yours is not gray, mein bruder! love, R

Sharla said...

Do the doctors say how long the headaches might last? When Alaina had her headache all the time, pressure on/rubbing her palm helped ease the pain a little. Maybe that would help. We're praying for you!

Mark and Bobbie McDiarmid said...

Hang in there guys!!! I am so sorry that Joe is experiencing such pain. What I experienced with my mom was that if she took the pain killers about 1/2 before therapy that seemed to help alot. Unfortunately, she never knew exactly when therapy was and it was hard to coordinate the nurses and the therapists to make sure that the time happened just right. So I'm not sure if that is any help but you are most definitely in our thoughts and prayers. You are both so strong and such lovely people that I know you will get through this! With love, The McDiarmids

Erica said...

Oh my goodness! I've just been reading through your entries and counting blessings...all blessings. Even in your discouragement, you manage to see and hope for the positive. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. It does sound like the Lord is blessing you tremendously. Hang in there!

Mom said...

I think your husband is STILL very handsome, and you can tell I said so! Not to mention, YOUR beauty shines from inside you. A precious gift you have passed on to the girls. I will get over to see Joe soon, during the day. I am happy to read of his progress. Thanks for posting the pictures and songs!