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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yes that's right...Joe is walking with a cane now! As of Monday, I got him a lovely little $20 chrome cane from Walgreens. After practicing all weekend with the physical therapist's cane, getting the turns down (that's where he gets dizzy), we even ventured to the mall on Tuesday morning and did the "before opening mall walk" as many do, old and young, walkers and strollers, lots of morning walkers. Joe walked the entire mall, first and second floors!!! He is much slower than with his walker, but he looks pretty distinguished! There was a 90 year old guy that passed him up with his walker, but Joe wasn't discouraged, no not at all!

THEN, he even walked around Target for a little to pick out some groceries we needed...what a morning for him. He was pooped, but he felt really good about his accomplishments.

Here's some really good news, too....since Sunday morning he hasn't had one single oxycontin! He's off of the looney stuff! I'm giving him tylenol in the morning and his amitryptiline at night, and he reported on Tuesday that his head is actually hurting less and less. This new stuff must be working just like Dr. Arroyo said...what a concept!!! I'll tell you one thing, Joe is a totally different person without the looney pill! AND, one more good thing, his blood level was perfect so we even have the coumidin dosage right now. Soooo much good to report.

One bad thing...he's still have a terrible time with the double vision. He's tried to read and watch tv and do some emails on the computer, but it just starts his headache in a matter of minutes because he's trying to focus and just can't. It's got to be such a frustrating thing to deal with!! The opthamologist said to give it six months...and then "prisms" or even surgery. I hope he will get over this part....

But he's doing what he can...walked around the culdesac yesterday with Lindsey and neighbors came out and said hi. THEN, today he walked all the way to his favorite hairdresser to get his haircut (by Einstein's). I said I'd love to take him but he wanted to enjoy the wonderful 70 degree sunshine. See what I mean about getting the old Joe back? OH, AND THE NEATEST THING....the vacuum turns out to be kind of like the cane, and now that he has the balancing figured out, he can vacuum all he wants! HELLO.....CARPET LINES ARE BACK AT THE ELLSWORTHS!!! YAY!


Mother/Sheila/G-ma said...

Rebecca and Joe,

I opened your blog to read tonight after quite a long spell and am Thrilled with the progress that Joe is making!!!

I scrolled down and read the blogs in reverse order. Two things stand out in perspective: the first is the amazing progress that Joe is making, now being able to walk the mall with a care no less and shop Target (who'd thought that shopping a little in Target would bring joy), and then being able to cut out the oxycontin!

The second is the hopeful, positive and uplifting tone you have set in these blogs from the very beginning. You didn't and still don't know the extent of the recovery, but you have always looked for the positive and been hopeful with every step. This is not to minimize the real challenges and unexpressed fears you have and are facing but the over all tone of this blog speaks volumes about


Blessing on you all. Thank you for your continuing friendship and your inspiring examples.


Francine said...

Hi Joe,
I just saw you at the Orlando Corenet real estate convention in November and it had been at least 8 years since I had seen you last. I had, however, received regular emails from you each year of my birthday without fail. This year in December, I missed receiving your email and thought about you. So, I now know that you are healing and will be better soon. What a wonderful family you have; what a source of strength. I know it is only a matter of time until you are completely healed. Know that your old pals from MCI are watching over you.

Diane said...

Hi Joe - Another old MCI'er Diane Lee here sending you (No, not lease comments!!!) but get well wishes - wishes for your continued strength - wishes for a full recovery - You have a beautiful family Joe. Take good care of yourself - I will certainly be checking in for updates on your continued positive progress!! In Faith, Diane

Susan said...

Joe, So I was thinking about you while I was going to sleep the other night and two memories came to me out of the blue. I remember there was no one who could make me laugh out loud like you. 1. The time we were having a youth talent show and you were the M.C. One of the kids came out and played the saxaphone and you said something like. "Now I don't want you kids to ever forget to always practice "safe sax." He he. 2. I remember that you teased me about loving that chocolate sheet cake. You would always ask me "Do you want more or are you full of sheet?" Dan always has been grateful to you for your faithful letters to him on his mission. He does the same thing now. It meant alot to him. Keep up the good work Joe. Wow. You are a tough dude. Love you all. Sue Walker

Emily said...

Way to go Joe and Rebecca! You are a great team. This is "Auntie Em" in CA. I haven't checked this for awhile, and I laughed, smiled and thrilled to hear all the positive changes going on. I felt a sudden urge to fly up there and be with you and help out. Wish I could, but my thoughts and prayers will have to travel instead of me. I'll be off work in March and again in May helping Rachel with #4 baby and Melanie with #3. Girl and boy. Both are having the same sex as last time. We had Rachel's kids here all day yesterday and what a delight that was. We read stories, cracked peach pits with a hammer on the patio, ate lunch and snacks, played that game with the timer and cups, cut back the roses (John did this), and while the girls took naps, I planted pansies. So much fun!

You sound so positive. In spite of all the hard parts, you see the constant improvement, and, as a side perk, you get to enjoy the handicapped parking permit. Yes! My mom has one and it's fun to go places with her!s

Love to you both and the girls. We are always praying and pulling for you.

Love, Emma