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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another day in the life...

Hello! I've got to say, it is so neat for me to get on here and see who has checked in or written something. It is really touching, and keeps me going. And I run into people each and every day that say they have been "checking the blog"...means a lot to both Joe and I.

Not too much to report...Joe continues to work with the physical therapist and occupational therapist, and is trying to walk around the house a lot with his walker. I caught him trying to vacuum a couple of days ago...big no no. He just misses that vaccum! He claims it is so heavy it holds him up. I had to scold him.

Latest: Dr. Arroyo upped his dosage of amitrypaline (NOT the right spelling but I'm too tired to get up and go look at the bottle) which he takes at night and which wipes him out. It takes about a month to kick in, I guess, and it's been about three weeks. He reduced his oxycontin (sp again?) to only the morning dose. His head still hurts, but we are hopeful that this medicine is going to do the trick. And they also continue to increase his wayfarin (blood thinner) because his levels are "dangerously low"...I really don't like it when they say that. I still worry that he doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything much, because of the constant pain. He seems to be getting a little less dizzy, and a little more of his appetite has come back. Did I ever say that he lost about 20 pounds? That's a lot for him...skinny thing he already was. I think he's gained about five back, despite my cooking, and thanks to those goodies/meals that still magically show up sometimes (thanks). He felt like eating something sweet today (I've been eating sweets for two)! He also started talking about what he's going to do in the future, something he hasn't even wanted or felt like looking into at all.

Also, he's listening to lots of books on tape (thanks to those who lent us some...you are lifesavers) ... which is the only thing he can really do. He can't read because of the double vision which is still there, or watch tv. But he gets through about a book a day...wow. He goes to the neurologist on Friday, so I'll report what happens there....

Meanwhile, thanks so much, again....and again....we are feeling that love and those prayers. I went with Brittney to the Chatfield/Columbine basketball game tonight...it was really great to see these guys that we have come to know and love play so well. And to see so many of our great friends that asked about him. Hopefully he can make it to one of the games soon for an hour or so at least....


Sandie said...

Rebecca and Joe,

You are continually in our prayers. Rebecca you crack me up though I have to say. I know you must be running on empty, wish I could do something to help you. Let me know!

Keep up the good work Joe!


Loren and Sandie

Vicki said...

Rebecca and Joe,

We just wanted you to know that
we have you in our prayers. You are such a great example to us, as you meet adversity with faith and optimism. Rebecca, I especially loved your Christmas letter. Also, I miss the ward members and I reminisced as I read your blog and read over some very familiar names. Tim and I wish you a speedy recovery!!

Vicki Patty

Spencer said...

Ha! LOL over the vacuum. I really like vacuuming too, Joe. Maybe it's something in the Ellsworth genes. Love of ice cream and vacuuming.

Feel better. We pray for your family.