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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Neurologist Visit Friday the 16th

Well, Joe and I trooped on down to downtown Denver to see Dr. Quigley, the neurologist, at 9 a.m. yesterday. Joe got a little dizzy on the ride, but I got very happy when we could use his handicapped pass to park right in front of the building! Wow, that SO beats driving up the parking garage, taking the elevator down down, and then walking for miles to get in the building!

Okay, for the visit. Dr. Quigley was quite fun, and teased Joe that he could start to try to do more even if it hurts. She couldn't find the cat scan on the records in Joe's file, so we told her the blog address and she looked it up there! Ha! She was impressed that I could almost spell all the meds right. She checked all the pertinent neurological functions and declared that Joe was doing pretty well, considering! First, if the dissection of the vein had been any higher, he might have died! Absolutely are we grateful that didn't happen! Then, she said if Joe compares himself to how he was on November 21, it seems like he hasn't made any progress. But if he compares how he was on November 22 at 10:30 p.m., he's made AMAZING progress. Nice optimistic way to look at things, don't you agree? We are to make an appointment for a few weeks from now for an MRI and an MRA to check on his brain and how it's healing.

Meanwhile, she gave Joe the lecture that he needs to try to do MORE, so that he can heal faster. I liked this advice because I miss my "movie buddy" and have been begging him to try to go to a movie for weeks, to no avail. A movie might be a little much yet, but at least I can go "walk him" through the mall or something, right? His physical therapist also came on Friday, and said Joe ought to start using a cane around the house and get a feel for balancing with that, and then work into going out with it.

ALSO, Friday Joe DID declare that his headache seemed to be a little better! Maybe this amitryptaline is doing the trick! Of course, later in the day he was in pain, and all day today, but we aren't giving up hope!

Ok, long winded, but that's the gist of the news for today. Thanks again everyone for your help and sweet comments....can't EVEN begin to tell you what it means!



Elly said...

Thank for continuing the blog. You and Joe are in our thoughts and prayers every day ... We love you guys!

Mark and Bobbie McDiarmid said...

We are so happy to hear that maybe the headaches are starting to get slightly better. Hopefully, this medication will do the trick! You guys are both so awesome and we are praying for the best outcome and recovery. The progress may seem slow but every little thing will lead to bigger things so hang in there!! Love, Mark & Bobbie