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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update...Opthamologist Visit

Hello everyone! Today Joe went on his longest car ride yet up to the Lakewood Kaiser Office to see an opthamologist about his double vision. He spent a lot of time with Joe which was nice. He determined (and I will get this description wrong no doubt) that he has weak "oblique" muscles in that right eye, the side of the stroke, which is something that usually always happens. He said that it takes a long time to fully get better and gave him some tips on how to strengthen the eye. He showed me how Joe's eye actually won't go as far down, up, to the side, as his left eye, and you can even see it kind of "twitching" as it tries to go in tandem with the other eye...hence the double vision! Makes sense! (Marcie if you are reading this don't laugh too hard at my uneducated descriptions). SO, yet another thing that is going to take a long time to heal. He DOES have less, or no, double vision when he looks straight ahead, which is better than he was even a couple of weeks ago. YAY!

I tried to figure out how to take off the Christmas template and music from this blog and add something more Januaryish, but I need Steph for that. It reminds me of my house, where Christmas is still up all around the house (ok, I did start on it, but Linds and Mike are coming on Saturday to help finish it up...another yay!) Meanwhile, Joe continues to slowly improve. I'm worried about his wayfarin levels. They have had to up the levels three weeks in a row now. That reminds me, I need to go play nurse and give him his extra dose right now!

Love to all! Thanks for the continued thoughts, prayers, phone calls, visits!!! love it!


Steph said...

Mom I looked up the site to change the background, but the site is temporarily down and I don't know when it will be back up. So I just changed the background to this green, minty looking color until then. I DID change the playlist tho. Let me know if you want different music on there. We just took our tree and Christmas stuff down last night. We made our first Christmas decorations box! haha. It's funny how I get excited about the littlest "firsts." Love you!

Sherida Jones said...

Just received your Christmas card today and have been reading through the blog. I know we've only seen you once (and that was the quick run-in at the Denver airport last year) in the last 17 years since we left Atlanta but we have great memories of your family from that time. And since you have kept us on your Christmas card list all these years, we still feel somewhat connected to you. We wanted to let you know that our love and prayers are with you.

Much love,
Sherida and Casey Jones