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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday Update

Today was up, then it went down. The Day started off with Dad saying he felt better. He explained how the last three days he has felt like a 0 and changed to a .5. A small progression, but still a difference.

He gained color in his face and he is able to open up his eyes more, but can only focus on one spot or else he "swims." I fed him some more food. He actually ate a fair amount and said it tasted really good.

He had 3 therapy sessions today which completely wore him out. He sat all the way up in the bed with his feet touching the ground, but this killed his head and made him feel sick. He also had a writing test, where he had to write his name, and sign his name, and then draw a clock. These things did not look that great and it made us all laugh.

We went and looked at 3 of the possible rehab facilities that my Dad can go to and they are pretty much nursing homes with the average age of 90 or so. This was really discouraging. We know that this would make Dad feel really sad. We are still trying to talk to the insurance liaison to see if there are any other options. Let us know if you have any suggestions or options we can follow up on.

So the nurse told us that they were going to move him from Critical Care tomorrow morning to the 9th floor of the hospital in the Neurological Center. But plans have changed.

Tonight my Dad was talking to Ray Goodwin and all of a sudden started saying something was wrong. He then started dripping sweat, felt really dizzy and extremely nauseated. The nurse calmed him down, cooled down his body and gave him more pain medication and nausea medication. She said it is nothing of big concern but it really scared us. Dad said it was just as bad as Saturday night. When we left tonight, he was sleeping but said he felt so awful.

We hope he will feel better in the morning and make more progress. We feel as though some progress had been made earlier in the day but now we are back at the beginning. Keep praying for him he needs those extra thoughts and prayers right now.

We hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving with all of your loved ones. We are so thankful that our dad is alive and stable. We pass by so many other patients in the critical care unit who are on breathing machines and in comas. We are so grateful for our wonderful father. He is so strong and brave and loved so very, very much. Over the last couple days I have been constantly reminded of the wonderful man he is and what a blessing he is in ALL of our lives.

Lindsey and Stephanie

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