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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today we helped Dad sit up and eat by himself. He certainly struggled, and we had to help him some, and he put up a fight while doing this, but he had nurses and 3 daughters who continuously encouraged him and told him it would really help him. We are so proud of him. They switched his pain medication and we hope it will help his pain. We got him an eggnog shake, which is his favorite thing. He had a big smile when he first tasted it and said it tasted so good! We then left and went home to eat a big meal with the 9 of us here. Our Grandma made the most amazing meal ever and we are so thankful she was here and willing to cook for practically 24 hours straight for us. She made about 10 pies!

We then went back to the hospital and brought Dad some mashed potatoes, one of my Mom's homemade rolls (which she only makes once a year at Thanksgiving), some more of the eggnog shake, banana cream pie, and lemon meringue pie. He loved it all. He just says it really hurts to sit up and to swallow. He kept apologizing for ruining our Thanksgiving, which was very sad. We keep telling him he has nothing to be sorry for.


Spencer said...

Poor guy. We'll be praying for you.

Mark and Bobbie McDiarmid said...

Dear Ellsworth Family,

Our thoughts and prayers have been with you and continue to be with you while you go through this very trying time. You have all been through so much these last 5+ years but you have demonstrated so much courage, strength and love. You are an inspiration to us all!

You mentioned that you have been looking at rehab facilities and I just wanted to let you know that I have experience with Lifecare Of Littleton on Mineral Blvd. It is a great facility and although it is indeed a nursing home, they had quite a few younger patients when my mom was there. I don't know if you have talked to a lady by the name of Johnna (I forget her last name) but she is the Lifecare representative/liason at Swedish. She was SO, SO, incredibly wonderful in assisting me with my mom's needs. Her cell phone number is 303-475-2970. Maybe she can help guide you as well. If you would like to talk with me about my experience, give me a call at 303-973-0075 (home) or 303-877-9815 (cell).

With lots of love and prayers, Bobbie

Elly said...

Dear Ellsworths
You are in our prayers ... we love you guys. I have a friend who spent some time at Lifecare Center on Mineral in Littleton too ... they treated him so well. He couldn't say enough good things about the staff there. Jay stopped by the hospital to see Joe earlier this week but was turned away ... we'll try again when Joe is moved and is feeling a little better. Tell him we love him!
Great Big Hugs,
Jay and Elly Taysom

Lynne said...

Hello from the Hyde family,
We just got back into town tonight and just read about what happened to Joe. We are so sorry that happened, and wanted to let you know that we will pray for you and Joe and keep you all in our thoughts. Tell Joe hello for us and that we are thinking of him and praying for him, and to just concentrate on getting better! You are all a wonderful part of the ward and are good friends. Keep looking to Heavenly Father for comfort and strength. He loves you all and will take care of you!
Lynne, Neal, Vanessa and Caleb

Janene said...

To Our New Family,
We have thought so much about you - sounds like everyone else is as well. We feel certain it will continue to get better for Joe. He has such a vibrant spirit; that will be a big plus for him. We will continually pray for him and all of you. So glad Steph and Brandon could be there. Hopefully by Christmas, it will be even more encouraging.
Our love,
Bob and Janene