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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Note from Rebecca November 27, Thanksgiving Day

I want to sincerely thank everyone for your sweetest kindest well wishes and prayers. It is what gets us all through and we have the best friends and family anyone can ever ask for. You have stayed beside us for five and nearly six years through the toughest tragedy there is to bear. We will get through this and Joe will get better. It appears it will take awhile and I have been clueless how much it entails but I am learning day by day.

Today the nurse told us that Joe can't have any more than one person in the room, and we should limit visitors. They were planning on moving him from CCU but he has taken some down turns during the past 24 hours and isn't ready. They want him to just have complete silence and no stress on his brain to even have to think until he can get out of the CCU and on to a "regular" room. THEN, visitors will be more than welcome to stimulate his brain to regain it's strength. It is so hard for Joe, or me, to have to admit this. But hopefully it will just be for another day or two and he can get on to the next stage of recovery!

We love you all so sosososososo much!

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Mom said...

Dearest friend, you are an amazingly strong woman and I value our friendship and look up to you. You are such a devoted wife and loving mother beyond words. I am sending you love and prayers to get you through all you are facing. May Joe grow stronger every day until his recovery is full. May you accept the strength that God is pouring over you. I am there with you and the girls in spirit and love you very much.
Sue Rusch Smith