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Friday, November 28, 2008

He moved to the 9th floor!

Today they moved Dad to the Neurology floor (9th) of the hospital. He is happy because they took out the IV's in his left arm... but he still has the ones in his right. He did some occupational therapy today which he said completely wore him out. He was exhausted all day. Just like yesterday, he said he started off feeling better, but then his head started to hurt really bad again. We got him to eat a full plate of macaroni and cheese though. This is the largest amount of food he has consumed in one sitting, even though it took him an hour and a half to eat it all. We got him another eggnog shake today, which he enjoyed.

He complains that his neighbors are loud and he can't sleep, ha ha. We all know he is a light sleeper! He has color in his face today again, but he says his face is still numb. We decorated his room to feel more "homey" which we hope will lift his spirits.

He wants me to tell you all how much he loves you and how much he appreciates each and every one of you visiting, emailing and calling. He feels bad for worrying everyone, but appreciates the kindness everyone has shown. This is a trialing time for him and he needs you all there for him.

I would also personally like to thank you all for supporting him and praying for him. I have always been amazed by the connections my parents have made and the kind hearts of the Littleton community as well as our whole family. He is a very lucky man. And I know that he can get through this. He is the strongest, most faithful man I know. He is truly my hero. And I am so proud to call him my Dad.

Love Steph


Lori Allred said...

Yeah!! So glad you are out of ICU. Now get better!!! Jim misses your emails.
Love Jim and Lori

kathy said...

Thanks for keeping us informed. I'm sure there will be some steps backwards, but it sounds like he's going in the right direction!
Love, the Puters

Richard GermanChocolate said...

to: Capt Flash Cordon Ellsworth
from: GermanChocolate Ellsworth
Sounds like progress, if you can call macaroni and cheeze "progress"
Remember your letters about riding the bike in the snow in Deutchland? Those hard times are behind you now, and you've had lots more, and now this this cerebellum celebration comes along. You have always had a big kind heart and have always got thru the hard times by focusing on sharing love -- I remember you doing this when we were teenagers. You are still my favorite roommate, and just like Steph says you are truly my hero too. I love you forever mein bruder!
love, R

davechancock said...

I'm glad you were able to eat today. I've always looked up to you so much and it amazes me how strong you all are. Keep believing. I know from many days spent with my Mom at Swedish and Craig what the great people there can do and what determination and faith can do for the spirit of healing. God is shining upon you!

Love, Dave Hancock

Lindsey said...

I am so proud to call him my dad too. We are such lucky, lucky girls.

Love, Linds