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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday -- Nov. 29 -- good day!

Hi everyone, this is Rebecca. Today when I got to the hospital about 11 or so, Joe had just had a real live shower, and was so happy about it! Yet he was also exhausted and his head was pounding. It makes me realize how long all this recovery is really going to take. They gave him some pain killer and within about 45 minutes he was much much better. He had several visitors and they really perked him up...Dave Black, Laura, Bobby, Bradley Antonio and Brittany Harrison, and of course Steph, Brandon and cousin Jeff. It wasn't long until he was cracking jokes and laughing! It made me very happy. The doctor stopped by and said the cat scan showed no change, and that he could most likely be moved to the rehab facility around Tuesday. Oh, and he ate almost an entire cheeseburger! I tell you, it makes me so glad to see him have an appetite. His vision is still blurred a bit, and he is dizzy still, and thinks he is leaning to the right when he tries to stand or walk.

Lindsey went by on her way to work around 5:30 and Doug Hulme was there also. Linds says he was doing alright, still really tired and didn't feel like having any dinner. I now worry that he'll have a bedtime of 7:45 pm for awhile!

I have to say again how very grateful we are for all the prayers, food, cards, gifts, and love. It touches my heart deeply, more than I can say. Of course Joe feels the same way. His family was having their annual after thanksgiving pizza party in Utah and called to be able to wish him well while they were all there.

We have the best friends and family in the world. (P.S. We tried the Greek place across the street, Dave...very yummy.)

And here is a picture of Steph and Brandon with Joe in his new room.

much love forever,


Karin said...

I am so glad that he had a good day! I want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers!
The Mikawa Family!
(even Emma and Rachel have included your family in their night time prayers)

Fabian said...

We are so happy to hear that this was a good day. We emailed Mark to have him pray for you. He said that he already was...I love the close, loving network of the church! We are very thankful for this blog, and feel blessed to be able to keep up with Joe's progress. We love you guys and are keeping you all close in our prayers. Love, The Fabians

Kris said...

Give Joe our love and know that you will all continue to be in our prayers.
Much Love,
The Terry's