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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just a quick update on Joe and to say hello. I love that so many people still read this! It means so much and I can't tell you HOW MUCH. Couldn't even begin.

Joe's MRI/MRA has to be redone. They didn't go down far enough to get all the cerebellum. Hm. He goes in next week again, and then we'll see if there has been any change. Joe is steadily doing better. He walks around the house ok without his cane. But he looks kinda funny, kind of like a toddler, a nice wide stance so he won't lose his balance. He had the last of his physical therapy appointments last week, and Meagan (his therapist) was so sweet and she would be proud of him to see him continuing his exercises every day. He even went to the "therapy pool" at the Ridge (thanks for the suggestion Dawn) yesterday. He did doggy paddles and "pool jogging" for 45 minutes while Britt swam laps....a daddy/daughter date!

The 28th is here in no time. Thanks to so many for your kind words and prayers and thoughts. We can't believe it has been six years. I didn't think I would survive one. It has been easier because of your love and comfort and prayers. And because we know we will see him again. And because of His loving comfort. This is a tough life and we have seen many of our loved ones also have to deal with sadness. Wish we could take it away. We WILL be at the "crash site" with the luminaries on the night of the 28th if you would like to join us. No pressure. I'll talk to the Heykoops and McLeods, but I'm thinking around 5:00 p.m. Or just drive by and see the beautiful remembrance.

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