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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness

It's St. Patrick's Day, so I'm writing in GREEN! No green beer for us though....

(Thanks so much to those who came and sent their sweet and kind wishes in so many thoughtful ways on Feb. 28....don't know what we would have done without all of you these six long years...and we have many more to go...)

I thought I ought to give an update about Joe since I didn't do that on the Feb. 28 blog entry. You could see how much better he looks though! He and his little $20 Walgreens cane just go everywhere! By the way, thanks to all who read this blog. Joe tells me that people tell him they check it often and that makes him feel great, and also I hear from many of you also, and we feel so loved!

Here's the latest. I wish I could say it was ALL better. It seems to me that Joe is at a standstill, but maybe it's just because I see him every day. He gets around very well with his cane, but he still loses his balance and it scares me when he tries to walk around without it. His eye is what worries me the most. It is CONSTANTLY blinking, as he is unconsciously trying to focus it. It is disconcerting to watch him, but probably REALLY annoying for him! And consequently, he still cannot do much with reading or working on the computer, as straining to keep in focus causes a big headache after only about an hour. Plus, as the day goes on and he gets tired, his eye AND his body just wear out, and he still goes to bed very early. (Those that know me well know how much I like to have to leave my bedroom early every night...but I shouldn't complain :) ....)

If I had to put a number I'd say Joe is at about 60 to 80 percent of where he was, depending on the time of day. But now is the time he needs to find a new job, and he is still in no shape to interview, let alone chase down contacts, knock on doors, whatever. So I guess you could say we are in limbo. The doc said to give the eye six months, but I haven't seen it change at all in the last two, so it worries me.

There are good things though! His blood levels have been great for the last two rounds of blood tests, so they have the coumadin (wayfarin) dosage figured out, AND he has very little headaches anymore, and nothing at all like he used to have. Just gets headaches when he does too much....hence the job problem. I have to admit I am getting worried and he is getting more worried about our financial situation, but I have to remind myself, WHO ISN'T??? There just aren't that many jobs out there! Sad times, but we are very very grateful for what we have.

Gotta run...Jamon's coming to say hi!!!

Love to all!

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the Clan Walker said...

we think of you guys often and pray for things to continue to get better and better. Love you all.